Advertising With Vehicle Wraps

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Advertising with vehicle wraps is the best way to get your advertisement seen all over the city. These vehicles drive everywhere, broadcasting your advertisement to consumers that otherwise may not be exposed to your other out-of-home advertising. Advertising on multiple vehicles increases the chance of pedestrians being exposed to the ad repeatedly. According to the OAAA, 58% of people buy a product after seeing an outdoor advertisement after five exposures.



Vehicle wraps generate thousands of impressions throughout their route. This creates a low CPM and delivers a high return on investment. There are a few different wrapping options to fit any budget when advertising with vehicle wraps. You can usually choose to wrap a small section or fully wrap any vehicle. Today we are going to look at different options for vehicle wraps!


Bus Wraps: Wrapped buses reach prime locations. They drive between downtown areas, suburban shopping centers, and university districts. Busses are huge. Advertising with bus wraps grabs the attention of walkers, bikers, riders, and drivers. 


Taxi Wraps: Fully wrapped taxis make a huge impact on both riders and pedestrians. They stand out from the mass of yellow taxis. You can also advertise on the double-sided backlit panel on top and with displays inside the cab to fully engage the rider. Wrapped taxis are great for targeting tourists and travelers. 


Truck Wraps: Wrapping freight trucks gets your advertisement on highways and freeways. Freight trucks are seen without distraction by travelers and commuters. They have customizable routes to target busy stretches of road. 


Car Wraps: Wrapped cars are similar to wrapped taxis, but they have a completely customizable route. You can have your cars drive around populated areas or even park next to sporting events, concert venues, and busy shopping centers. You can create a fleet of cars to achieve maximum exposure for your advertisement! 


Subway and Train Wraps: With so many people commuting by subway and railway, there is a huge audience for your wrapped advertisement. Wrapping the exterior of a train makes a huge impression on riders and pedestrians. Accompany the exterior wrap with advertisements on the interior for increased exposure to your brand or product. 


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