Billboards for Mechanics

October 4, 2022Published By

Transportation plays a huge role in our society, with cars being a primary way many people use to get around That being said, mechanics are an important part of maintaining the daily activities of those who are vehicle-dependent It is the mechanic’s job to inspect, maintain, and repair cars and light trucks There are about half a million mechanics currently employed in the US and each year there are an estimated 73,300 new mechanic job openings according to the BLS 

Why Should You Use…

Client Spotlight: Tangles Hair Salon

September 29, 2022Published By

Tangles Hair Salon, established in 2002, is located in Pace, Florida and is a salon focused on providing high-quality services and creating styles that are fit for both day-to-day lifestyles and professional lives 

Tangles Hair Salon offers a number of services, including: color, shampoo style, designer hair cuts, styling, foil, and corrective color They specialize in color, perms, Correct treatment, highlights, shampoo style, designer hair cuts, hair styling, foil, and corrective color  

They also offer free consultations, same-day service, and have licensed…

Billboards for Sports Teams

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Watching sports, both in-person and at home, has been a popular American pastime for decades There are a whopping 152 total major league sports teams in the US today (in addition to the variety of minor league teams that have a huge following—for example, over 41 million fans attended minor league baseball games in 2019), and 350 division 1 NCAA teams This doesn’t include the plethora of division 2 and 3 sports teams that exist at colleges across the US As a sports team, you have a lot of competition for viewers

With so many…

Billboards for Movies and TV

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Movies and television have been a popular source of entertainment in North America for decades In 2021 alone, there were 403 new movies released in the US and Canada, and a record-breaking 559 new scripted television shows released across a variety of different streaming platforms Additionally, it has been reported that around half of Americans utilize streaming services to watch their media, which is a dramatic switch from traditionally popular live television and movie theater experiences

With so many options of where and what to watch, how do you make your show or movie stand out…

Client Spotlight: Barracks Brothers

September 15, 2022Published By

Released earlier this year, Barracks Brothers is a story about three young men and their supplemental Marine Corps training in Biloxi, MS in 2016 written by Landry Jay 

“The story is about evolving, maturing, and overcoming personal anxiety, antiquated thinking, and weakness,” he said “It also tackles and satirizes a number of issues of American culture” 

The author also said that each character is a caricature of himself and described it as a “parable for humanity” The protagonists are a big component of what makes the book so unique 

Billboards for Religious Reasons

September 13, 2022Published By

We live in a world where religious diversity is ever-present It is estimated that there are over 4,000 different religions practiced around the world today, and a 2020 census of religions in the United States estimates that around 75% of Americans identify with a religious group Additionally, many people today consider themselves spiritual without necessarily categorizing themselves as religious

There are lot of reasons why you may want to run an advertisement for a religious reason, such as to promote your place of worship, advertise your or faith-based business, or to make known some of the fundamentals…

Client Spotlight: Prudent Medical Providers

September 8, 2022Published By

Prudent Medical Providers are a family-owned medical practice that has been open for a little over two years located in the Tacoma, Washington area They provide primary and express care for their patients and accept most major insurances 

Their mission is to provide patients with quality medical care by ensuring that patients receive individualized attention and providing a wide array of services, including: 

Primary and Express Care for Patients 
Walk-In Appointments 
Accepting New Patients 

Client Spotlight: Red White and Blue BBQ

September 8, 2022Published By

Sanctioned and run by the Georgia BBQ Association, the Red White and Blue BBQ is a pitmaster event held by the Cherokee County Homeless Veterans Program in which professional teams compete for $12,000 in prize money and trophies to raise funds for veteran suicide awarness and veterean homelessness 

In addition to professional teams, amateurs will also be competing in the event for non-cash awards and People’s Choice Honors 

10 veteran organizations including the American Legion, Marine Corps League,

Billboards for Barber Shops

September 6, 2022Published By

Barbershops are the classic spot people picture when they think of men’s grooming Many shops sport the iconic red, white, and blue barber pole on the exterior, cementing a nostalgic and timeless look that many attribute to these haircutting businesses But these shops don’t just cut hair, they often offer additional services like beard and mustache trimming and scalp massages, and they also often sell specialty hair products alongside

Demand for barbers is actually on the rise, too—so how do you set your shop apart to make sure that potential clients pick you among the options? Well,…

Client Spotlight: Siri & Glimstad LLP

September 1, 2022Published By

A nationally recognized law firm, Siri & Glimstad LLP has been featured on national television, in independent journalism channels, law journals, and newspapers across the United States 

“At Siri & Glimstad LLP, each dispute is tackled with a sophisticated, strategic approach and we fight hard for every one of our clients,” Jennifer Malainy, JD, Chief Legal Marketing Officer, said 

In addition to attorneys and support staff, Siri and Glimstad LLP’s team also includes in-house medical professionals and paralegals who are “solely dedicated to litigating vaccine injury cases in the Vaccine Injury Compensation…