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Hey there, advertising rockstar! BillboardsIn makes it easy to create showstopping billboards. Even if you’re artistic training stopped with finger-painting, we’ll give you the tools and support to knock this project out of the park! Below, you will find templates to help you make your billboard fit the right specifications for printing.

We’ve also written up some helpful tips based on decades of advertising design experience. Still not feeling 100% confident? Just reach out to and we’ll help you make an awesome ad in no time at all!

STEP 1: Choose Your Type and Size (h x w)


There are many billboard sizes but these are only the most common ones. If you don’t see yours listed, no worries!
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STEP 2: Upload Your Image File

Make sure you are logged in with your account and click the button below to upload your finished image file. Then, kick back and relax! We’ll take care it from there and get your ad up in a snap.

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Want to make your billboard even better? Read our design tips below.

Guidelines for Creating an Effective OOH Campaign

The team of nerds behind BillboardsIn loves making awesome and effective advertising. Over the years, we’ve developed a set of tips and tricks that can make anybody and ad design superstar. Read on and get ready to become a billboard rockstar!



  • Simplicity is the key to creating the best out-of-home design.
  • Have a single-minded focus.
  • The ABCs of simplicity are: Accuracy, Boldness, Clarity!

Be Legible

Be Legible

  • Use a large, legible typeface that will be easy to read from a distance.
  • Focus on the core idea!
  • Do not crowd too many words/letters into a restricted area. This is reduced legibility. No more than 10 words total, and 5 words in the headline.
  • Do not use large words. Short words are much easier and faster to comprehend.

Be Bold

Be Bold

  • Use large fonts and images.
  • Contrasting colors are best when viewing a design from greater distances.
  • Complementary colors such as red and green are not legible together and appear to vibrate.

Be Remembered

Be Remembered

  • Rely on imagery over words.
  • Use playful, lively elements.
  • Involve the audience – dialogue not monologue.
  • Challenge your audience! Use humor. Be bold. Be unique!
  • This is NOT a newspaper ad or TV commercial. Your audience has a very limited amount of time to read and comprehend you message.
  • Do not use an excessively complicated background color or image. It distracts the eye from the more important message.

Type Styles

Type Styles

  • Fonts used for an OOH design must be very easy to read from variable distances.
  • Use LARGE and LEGIBLE typefaces.
  • Words comprised of both upper and lower case lettering is generally easier to read than words in all upper case lettering.
  • Spacing between letters assures legibility from greater distances.
  • Avoid stacking text. One single horizontal line of text will allow rapid absorption of message without interruption.
  • Avoid overcrowding. Too many words will reduce the clarity of your message.
  • Avoid fonts with thin strokes or decorative script as these will be very difficult to read.


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