Our Favorite OOH Ads from 2021

December 28, 2021Published By

As the year comes to a close, I was excited to look back at some of my favorite out-of-home (OOH) advertisements of 2021 

One of the ads that stuck out to me the most was this Squid Game wallscape that was part of a pop-up at Itaewon Station in Seoul Advertising the popular Netflix series, this ad covers a large wall and features the piggy bank that is prominently shown in the series

Adding 3D elements to out-of-home signage is often difficult to pull off, but in this…

3D Digital Billboards

December 7, 2021Published By

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about billboards in Japan, and one of the highlights of that blog post was this 3D Digital cat billboard that took over a street corner in Tokyo, which is definitely one of our favorite OOH ads ever 

And since then, 3D digital billboards have stayed on our minds 

Digital billboards are generally on a different level from static billboards in that, depending on the location and time of day, they are often perceived as bolder, brighter, and more “modern” While…

Billboards in Popular Culture

November 30, 2021Published By

Billboards are used to advertise a wide variety of products, services, and other media, but one of the more fun and exciting categories of billboard advertising is popular culture

From Soundcloud rappers to Blockbuster films, billboards have been erected to bring more plays, views, and purchases to the media being advertised But aside from being prominent advertisements in our real lives, they are also often displayed within forms of entertainment 

A bit ago, we posted this YouTube video about out…

Billboards in Japan

November 23, 2021Published By

Since the mid-1830s, billboards have been an effective form of advertising around the United States With big-name players (like Netflix and Spotify), local advertisers, and the occasional individual sending out a personal message for someone important, billboards have proven to be hot across the country 

But even outside of the US, billboards are used to create vibrant advertising campaigns, and one of the most prominent countries regarding out of home (OOH) advertising is Japan 

Client Spotlight: Elizabeth Thompson Agency

October 21, 2021Published By

At Elizabeth Thompson Agency, their mission is to help clients manage their insurance needs and navigate life’s unexpected challenges  

Thompson’s insurance expertise covers multiple types of insurance, including Medicare, health, home, business, life, automobile, trucking, and more 

She got into the field while looking into insurance for herself and her son twenty years ago,…

Client Spotlight: Rosemary’s Babies Company

October 21, 2021Published By

Rosemary’s Babies Company (RBC) has been helping teen parents master the concept of self-leadership by providing support, education, and resources in the greater Cincinnati area since 2016 

Located in Cincinnati, Rosemary Oglesby-Henry and her team help teen parents to transition into adulthood by focusing entirely on their needs by providing both in-person and virtual support 

This support includes educating them regarding life skills, STEM education and the arts, and finance and health By exposing the young families to these areas, they are able to not only jumpstart education,…

Client Spotlight: Suga Shay’s Freak Treats

October 14, 2021Published By

Since February 2019, Suga Shay has been cooking up a storm in Oakland with her food and drink business, Suga Shay’s Freak Treats

At first, all she sold was beverages, but later decided to branch out and start selling food, bringing “edgy twists to Southern classics” Currently, her website lists a wide variety of dishes, featuring everything from lobster and shrimp kabobs to strawberry shortcake cheesecakes to adult slushies 

Suga Shay uses her own unique recipes in her kitchen, often incorporating her personal love of seafood “My signature dishes include shrimp and…

Client Spotlight: Baltimore FCA

October 14, 2021Published By

For their first in-person event since before the COVID-19 pandemic, the Baltimore Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) will be hosting a celebration dinner in early November along with the FCA Park Heights Saints Football and Cheerleading Program 

The FCA is an after school student-led organization whose mission is to lead coaches and athletes into growing relationships with Christianity They pride themselves in their core values, which include integrity, serving, teamwork, and excellence, “[demonstrating] steadfast commitment to Jesus Christ and His Word”

Client Spotlight: Deedee the Barber

October 7, 2021Published By

To celebrate her 47th birthday and promote her business, Deedee the Barber decided to reward herself by reserving space on a billboard

Deedee attended barber school in Dayton, Ohio, where she got her license in just ten months, and was determined to make it count 

She has been a barber for the past 17 years, and is a mother of three grown children Originally from Chicago, she moved to Georgia last year 

Becoming a barber was a childhood dream of hers, and she feels that it’s an honor when…

Client Spotlight: Sheldon Jevon Beard Care

September 16, 2021Published By

Seven years ago, Sheldon Whiteside was shaving his beard to look younger; now, he rocks a full and healthy beard and owns Sheldon Jevon Beard Care, making and selling superlative beard oil

While in barber school, one of Whiteside’s classmates was cutting his hair and pointed out that he was always shaving off his beard before a cut Whiteside explained why he was doing it—so he would look younger—and his classmate suggested that he let it grow out So he did 

After a few years of growing out his beard, Whiteside noticed…