Billboards and Political Advertising

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Target voters in primary markets with political advertising. Out-of-home (OOH) media is perfect for local, state and national elections. Billboards are proven to be effective and cost-effective for candidates and campaign teams to deliver high impact messages to a large, diverse audience. Running a political campaign is centered around getting your message and platform to voters. In this digital age, there are many ways to expose the voters to your campaign. The key is to get a wide range of advertising efforts working together to inform voters any chance you can get. Mixing traditional and digital media formats can encompass all demographics of voters.

To run a successful campaign, candidates need to reach people in real time. With today’s technology, addressing voters effectively can be done through many different political advertising formats like billboards, TV and radio ads, mail and social media. The best practice is to use all of these formats to expose voters repeatedly to different messages about the candidate’s beliefs and platform. Adding OOH to other campaign advertising increases mobile 316%, social media 212%, traditional TV by 18% and Radio by 45%. 

Elections run fast. Billboards are a quick way to brand candidates and drive voters to learn more about the candidate’s platform. The large structures of a billboard make a strong statement which creates confidence in its message. This catches voters’ attention and creates likeability and trust. Political advertising with billboards is a great way to get your face out to the public and remind them of the upcoming election.

Benefits of Tradition OOH for Political Advertising

  • A consistent message that will be a daily reminder of a campaign or politician
  • Puts a face to the campaign. A huge, unwavering face on a billboard will provide familiarity and trust with voters.
  • 57% of registered voters commute every day who will see your message.

Benefits of Digital OOH for Political Advertising

  • Broadcast real-time updates and news on the campaign.
  • The message can be changed at any time to relate and inform voters quickly.
  • Provide countdowns to important events and upcoming appearances.

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