Inflatable Billboards

January 18, 2022Published By

Inflatable billboards are a unique way for advertisers to add an extra layer of awesomeness to their advertisements 

In the past, we’ve explored some of the creative forms that out-of-home media has taken, such as wallscapes and 3D video billboards

In addition to those, inflatable billboards can provide a new dimension to an advertiser’s message

There’s a bit of nuance to describing an inflatable billboard Sometimes you’ll have a standard billboard that incorporates an inflated object on the board, or a straight-up inflatable with an ad pasted on it (see the

What Not To Do When Designing Billboards

January 11, 2022Published By

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at how not to design a billboard 

At BillboardsIn, we give our clients the power to submit their own billboard designs Designing your own billboard can be rewarding, but there are some design tenets that are important to know

Avoid Clutter

When designing a billboard, your first instinct may be to fill it with as much information as possible so that passersby are able to know everything about your business, product, etc However, this isn’t a good way of thinking because it can lead to lots of…

Controversial Billboard Campaigns

January 4, 2022Published By

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the most controversial billboards that have been produced Buckle up for what’s bound to be an entertaining and outrageous ride These are in no particular ranking—I’ll let you be the judge on what’s the worst


Our Favorite Christmas Billboards

December 21, 2021Published By

To celebrate the arrival of Christmas in a couple of days, I’ll be exploring some of my favorite Christmas billboards and why they work so well


The Coca-Cola Company has some of the most iconic Christmas advertisements Even if their logo isn’t present, people can

most likely tell that the advertisement belongs to Coke just based on the art design In 1931, the company commissioned an illustrator named Haddon Sundblom to create art that featured Santa enjoying Coca-Cola It is said that Sundblom actually created the jolly persona of Santa that we know today…

How Billboards Enhance Sports

December 14, 2021Published By

Watching sports is one of the most popular pastimes across the world, so naturally, there’s a booming billboard industry behind it

Today, we’re going to be exploring some of the most unique sports billboards that have been produced! Billboards are a great tool to promote sporting events, teams and even specific athletes 

To promote the beginning of the outdoor baseball season, the Target Corporation collaborated with Clear Channel Outdoor to produce a very unique billboard As you can see below, the design shows people sitting on top of the billboard as if they’re viewing a…

Client Spotlight: Puritan Reformed Presbyterian Church

December 9, 2021Published By

Today in our Client Spotlight, we’ll be taking a look at Puritan Reformed Presbyterian Church, located in San Diego, California 

What story do they have to tell, and what sets them apart from other churches located across the country?

The Puritan Reformed Presbyterian Church is not concerned with being “unique and different”, their guiding philosophy harkens back to Jeremiah 6:16 which talks about walking the good “old paths” As a Puritan reformed church, they believe that it’s important to be “reforming” back to these good old paths 

Client Spotlight: Medigate

December 2, 2021Published By

In an increasingly technological world, it’s become even more important for people to protect their devices from cyber-attacks, and that’s exactly what Medigate sets out to do 

The idea of someone using computer code to deliver mass amounts of devastation seems pretty far-fetched, almost like something from a James Bond film or the TV show 24, but cyber-attacks are no small issue, especially in the healthcare industry

A 2019 article published by CNN described the results of cyber-attacks on…

Design Tips for Holiday Advertising

November 16, 2021Published By

With the holiday season quickly approaching, now’s the perfect time to start crafting a billboard to launch at the height of the season

One of the most important factors of any billboard design is the color scheme 

It is said that color evokes certain emotions and memories inside of us For many people, seeing red and green makes them think of Christmas, thanks to colored lights and themed decorations

After doing this for so many years, this specific color duo becomes ingrained inside of your psyche Now, whenever you see these two colors together,…

Hiring Billboards

November 9, 2021Published By

Billboards are the perfect tool for recruiting new workers to your business

Hiring billboards should be big and bold in order to attract the attention of passersby Take a look at the two examples below

True Blue is a company that’s dedicated to connecting businesses with pools of workers Their billboard design is unconventional and very creative, which means that their budget was very high

Not everyone has the finances to pull off such a billboard, but a traditional and cheaper design can be just as effective Check out the example below from…

Netflix and Billboards

November 2, 2021Published By

Netflix employs some ingenious uses of billboards Similar to Spotify, their billboards do a great job of engaging audiences and expressing the corporation’s personality

Netflix is considered a dominant player in the world of streaming services Offering a selection of over 5,000 TV shows and movies, Netflix was one of the first companies to deliver a wealth of entertainment to the comfort of people’s homes

No matter how large Netflix grows, they never forget the humble beginnings that they came from Take a look at the…