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Billboards for Crypto & NFTs

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We’ve seen quite a bit of business pop up lately for clients in the cryptocurrency and NFT industry (see previous blog posts for clients LCX and Decentra Degens). From general business advice to overcoming challenges, a lot can be learned from the various BillboardsIn clients. 

This post will focus on a general overview of crypto and NFTs, and some ideas on how to kickstart a creative billboard design.

What is Crypto?

Crypto is the shortened version of cryptocurrency, which is any digital currency, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The word “crypto” is in reference to the currency being encrypted, which is a form of security. 

New cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin, is entered into circulation through a process called “mining.” This is done when computer hardware is tasked with solving extremely difficult mathematical problems. This process actually serves a couple of purposes. As stated earlier, it creates new currency, but it also helps with the overall security of a crypto blockchain.

What are NFTs?

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are a bit different than typical cryptocurrencies. Every single NFT is unique, so they cannot be traded with equivalency. That’s where the non-fungible part comes in. Crypto and NFTs are seen as the next step in global finance, and because of that, many early adopters are jumping at the chance to launch their own projects in hopes of making lots of money. When entering such a crowded space, it’s important for people to think of impactful ways to promote their projects, and billboards are the perfect method. 

Billboard Ideas

Undertaking a billboard campaign can seem overwhelming, especially when it comes to settling on a design. Taking the time to consider a few factors will help bring a solid design together.

To begin brainstorming your crypto-themed billboard, focus on the niche of your project. What is something that you are offering people that will set you apart from other projects? Last week, we published a blog post about how one man was able to grow his own NFT project by focusing on his passion for poker. To stand out in a sea of oversaturation, pinpoint the thing that makes your project unique and make that the star of the promotion. 

In addition to capitalizing on the project’s niche, incorporate any custom graphics that are relevant to the project. For instance, if you have your own token design or a sample of NFT art, then consider adding it to the billboard. One of our clients, MicroPets, does a great job at creating artwork that stands out and engages viewers through graphics and colors. 

When it comes to the billboard’s text, definitely include the link to the crypto/NFT project. Also, a short catchphrase is always valuable in the world of advertising, but keep in mind to not clutter the board with too many words.

Sound like something you want to make happen for your own company? Start by creating a campaign on; we’re here to help!