Billboards for Alcohol Companies

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Alcohol is a big part of adulthood in America; turning 21 is synonymous with drinking, because now a young adult is legally allowed to consume alcohol. There are countless companies who make beer, wine, seltzers, and liquor, so it’s easy for a consumer to become overwhelmed with choices, regardless of their experience level. An alcohol producer will want to clearly advertise their product in order to set themselves apart from their other competitors.

However, similar to advertising other regulated items (such as casinos or tobacco), there are some rules for how you can advertise alcohol. A business should be aware of the restrictions and rules that come along with running their ads.

We’re going to be showing you all about what rules you should be aware of before you run your ad, as well as some creative ways to display your ad—and of course, why a billboard can be the perfect choice to show off your alcohol company.

A Brief History of Alcohol Restrictions

The U.S. has had a long history of temperance (abstaining from alcohol). The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union was the main group that fought for prohibition of alcohol, and from 1920-1933, alcohol was illegal in the United States; additionally, advertising alcohol was banned in 1936. Since 1966, however, bans on alcohol advertising have loosened significantly (despite court cases that attempted to limit some of these advertising freedoms).

Now, there are some specific rules for promoting different types of alcoholic drinks, but in general the main rule is that you must have the name and contact information of the company somewhere on the advertisement. There are also additional rules regarding promotions such as happy hours; for example, all alcoholic drink promotions must end at midnight.

What Are Some Important Advertising Elements to Consider?

A big part of drinking is the environment and social elements; just like going out to dinner or a movie theater, it’s not just about the product you’re consuming, it’s about the ambiance and the people you’re with. Promoting the type of culture you want associated with your brand is very important; for example, you might want to show beer bottles in a lively beach-y environment, and on the contrary, show expensive vodka in a sleek, luxurious club with well-dressed individuals.

Another factor to consider when creating an ad for your alcohol product is clarity; the details of the bottle or can label should be easy to process at a quick glance so that a consumer will remember it later. The next time they go to order a drink, even if they don’t remember the brand’s name they should at least remember what your product looks like!

Why Should You Use a Billboard to Advertise Alcohol?

One reason why a billboard is a great method to advertise is because it can help to narrow down the options your consumer has for drinks. There are thousands of different options for alcohol on the market, so you want to give customers every opportunity to identify and choose your drink when they go to buy alcohol. As we mentioned above, clearly presenting your product’s packaging on a big and bold sign is an effective way to grab their attention and help them remember you in the future.

And if you’ve read our other blog posts, you probably already know about the high return on investment rate that billboards offer. Out of home advertising offers a 597% ROI, which means that for every dollar spent on billboard advertising, a business earns $5.97 of revenue. This rate of return is higher than that of digital, radio, and print advertising.

In Conclusion:

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