3D Digital Billboards

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A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about billboards in Japan, and one of the highlights of that blog post was this 3D Digital cat billboard that took over a street corner in Tokyo, which is definitely one of our favorite OOH ads ever. 

And since then, 3D digital billboards have stayed on our minds. 

Digital billboards are generally on a different level from static billboards in that, depending on the location and time of day, they are often perceived as bolder, brighter, and more “modern.” While there are advantages and disadvantages for both static and digital ads, we’ve been seeing a lot more innovation when it comes to digital ads lately.

Photo via HypeBeast.

For example, when wanting to do something bold on a static billboard, advertisers are often looking to build some sort of extension off of the structure, which can be very costly and get complicated fast. These also typically require a certain length of time for the ad to run, whereas digital ads often do not.

If an advertiser has the technology and skillset to create a 3D digital ad, they can make quite a statement with what may be a less complicated pipeline.

3D digital billboards work by displaying two images on the curved screen, but the catch is that those images are presented from two different perspectives and combined into one, creating a 3D effect. This works because we see each image with a different eye, creating the impression of depth. 

These unconventional displays work so well because not only are they eye-catching, but also extremely engaging. Passersby can’t help but stop to take a (possibly very confused) look, and maybe even stay for a bit to get the full experience. 

They take videos and upload them to their social media, text pictures to their friends, and maybe even talk about it at the dinner table that night, which may not be as common with most standard OOH advertisements. 

Like so much good OOH advertising, they’re also super experimental and get people talking about them. They’re bold and unapologetic and, quite frankly, one of the coolest OOH concepts we’ve seen to date. 

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Featured photo via The Drum.