What is Geofencing?

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If you’ve ever wanted to combine the benefits of OOH (out of home advertising) with the benefits of mobile advertising, geofencing advertising may be perfect for you! This innovative new advertising format allows you to target the potential customers in a specific location range, sending them targeted ads on a variety of apps when they are within range.

Geofencing uses a combo of GPS and RFID technology to create a boundary which triggers a response when a mobile device enters or exits. As you can imagine, this advertising type offers a lot of perks, which we will get into below.

Target a specific area
As mentioned above, one of the benefits of geofencing is the ability to target viewers within a specific location, which lets you customize your ads to suit a specific audience. For example, if you own an ice cream shop, you may choose to buy a geofenced area around where your shop is located (or, you may even choose to buy it around where other ice cream shops are located in order to increase competition). By knowing the type of people who frequent the area you are geofencing in, you can create a highly specific ad to perfectly suit that audience.

Grab your audience’s attention in the perfect place
The people in the area you choose to geofence in may already be thinking about the type of product you offer (based on what they’re doing in the area that they’re in) — so taking advantage of that gives you a huge advantage over your competitors. For example, running a geofenced ad for tutoring services within the range of a local college could be a smart move, considering most people in that area would fit into the ideal demographic for such services.

Reach a large audience
On top of reaching the right audience, you can also reach a large audience with geofenced ads. Ads distributed through geofencing are integrated into over 100k downloadable mobile applications, meaning that most people with smartphones who come into your geofenced area are extremely likely to see your ad. And a geofence package starts at 250,000 impressions, so you can make sure that your ad is reaching a significant amount of viewers.

To sum it up
Geofenced ads start at $2800 for 250,000 impressions. Hop on over to billboardsin.com to learn more about geofencing, and check out some of our other OOH advertising options!