What are the Average Sizes of Billboards?

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Billboards come in a wide variety of sizes. Although the big, bold billboards often found lining U.S highways are very recognizable, they only represent one billboard sizing option out of many. This post will outline the dimensions of the three most common billboard formats, and explain some practical situations where each format might excel.


Bulletins are the billboards often seen on the sides of major roadways. These boards are generally 14’ x 48’ in dimension but are occasionally offered in 10’ x 40’ or 10’6’’ x 36’. The large size of these boards makes them ideal for spaces where they will be viewed from a distance. Placing these along roadways is a surefire way to gain impressions. Additionally, when space allows, placing a bulletin on a building or within city limits can also make a profound impact on passersby.



Posters are the second largest billboard size option. Posters generally measure 10 ’x 22’ so they are still rather sizable. Posters are capable anywhere, but they can be especially useful when placed along secondary roads and less busy highways. Their slightly smaller size makes them great for targeting individuals undergoing their daily commute or simply traveling to a desired local destination.


Jr. Posters

Jr. Posters are the smallest of the three primary billboard types. Jr. Posters typically measure 6’x12’. Although Jr. Posters offer only about ~11% of the area that bulletins do they can be just as effective. Jr. Posters are often placed directly outside of local businesses and used to increase traffic. Despite their smaller size, they are still noticeable and perfect for pulling in passing by clientele. Jr. Posters are also effective when affixed to the side of a building, or when placed alongside smaller city roads.

Knowing the different billboard sizes can be a valuable tool when planning a campaign. Knowing the advantages of each format enables advertisers to better select the sizing option that will fit their needs, and ultimately helps them to plan more powerful campaigns.

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