What Are Digital Trucks?

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We talk a lot about billboard advertising on our blog—it’s in our name, after all! But our OOH (out-of-home) advertising options aren’t limited to just billboards; we offer a wide range of media for you to choose from, one of them being digital trucks. 

It’s exactly how it sounds—a truck with a large screen on its side(s) that displays your ad (which can be a still design or a video, with the option to play hi-definition audio). You can hire these trucks for an 8-hour shift per day, and you can customize the length of your whole campaign—keep your ad running for as little as just one day, or for several weeks long. This unique OOH display has a variety of perks, which we’ll get into below.

Location Diversity

As you might expect, a digital truck isn’t just going to sit still in one place—instead, it can travel anywhere within a 20 mile radius. This is an excellent perk if you’re hoping to expand the reach of your ad by promoting it throughout a city. Both pedestrians and drivers alike will be able to view your ad as the truck drives by.

Eye-Catching Format

As you can see from the cover photo, digital truck ads brightly illuminate your ad—so you can make sure that your design will be seen both during the day and at night! This media type is sure to grab the attention of passersby through its bright display and undeniable presence. 

Flexibility of Digital Advertising

One of the perks of this advertising style is that it is digital, which comes with a whole slew of benefits. On top of being a bold and bright way to catch eyes, digital ads have several cost-saving benefits as well. There are no production or installation costs to consider with digital ads, and your ad can go up immediately once it’s been submitted, no need to wait for a vinyl to be printed and put up. This is also great if you want to switch out your ad for another design, or run more than one creative at once!


Digital trucks are an excellent choice for OOH advertising in a big city; check out our options for digital truck advertising (and much more!) on billboardsin.com today!