The Need-to-Know Organizations of Outdoor Advertising

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Though outdoor advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertising, it’s an industry that continues to see change and innovation. These advancements are sparked by the proactive community of organizations and companies connected to out-of-home (OOH) media.  Whether you’re completely new to the OOH ad industry or trying to familiarize yourself further, these are the key organizations that you should be aware of.

Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA)

Founded in 1891, OAAA is a trade association that represents much of the out-of-home advertising industry. This organization acts as an advocate that unites and progresses the efforts of the OOH industry. They do this through their strategic focus on government affairs, marketing, communications, membership, and operations.

The approximately 900 member companies of the OAAA make up more than 90% of industry revenues. Member companies have access to a variety of different tools and resources such as demographic reports, statistics on industry trends, and weekly communications. They can even receive assistance with local press outreach and communications planning. Additionally, the OAAA sponsors a number of events including a series of webinars and other various seminars.


Geopath, formerly the Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement Inc., is a non-profit membership company that currently uses powerful, analytic tools to determine how consumers interact with OOH advertising. Geopath’s rating system is helping to advance the OOH advertising industry and make it more tech-savvy. Through the use of audience location measurement, deep consumer insight, and innovative market research they are delivering reliable metrics and allowing the OOH industry to successfully compete with other measured media. These systems are helping businesses everywhere discover how many people are viewing their ads, and who exactly those people are.

Digital Place-Based Advertising Association (DPAA)

DPAA is a marketing association formed in 2006. It works to power the growth of the digital OOH industry through their collaborative community of digital place-based networks, ad tech firms, research companies, content providers, media agencies, and advertisers. In its role as a business accelerator, DPAA actively promotes the effectiveness of DOOH advertising by providing industry-wide research and best practices. Their annual Video Everywhere Summit features a full day of presentations, case studies, panels, networking events, and interactive exhibits. This event draws close to 900 delegates together who represent brands, agencies, DOOH networks, research firms, and other companies alike.


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