The Benefits of Billboard Advertising

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With various forms of advertising to choose from, it can be difficult for a business to pinpoint which format will best suit an upcoming campaign. As one of the oldest forms of advertising, billboards stand the test of time with their continued effectiveness. Let’s break down the number of benefits billboard advertising has to offer and why it could be the ideal format for you.




A huge benefit of billboard advertising is the immense visibility it has with its large display size. Billboards are easily seen by a large number of people. They can be constantly viewed all hours of the day which can’t be said for other forms of media. There’s also a guaranteed audience that will see your advertisement as they are placed near highways and populated streets. Because of this visibility, billboards have a low CPM which means you’re getting the most value for your money.


With creative copy and imagery, your billboard will make a lasting impact!


Another plus side to billboards is the creativity that can be put into them. While billboard copy should be brief, it allows for eye-capturing images and short phrases that are better remembered by passersby due to the picture superiority effect. Billboards are also evolving in their capabilities by integrating digital, social media, mobile and interactive strategies to drive more consumer engagement. Additionally, billboards are proven to amplify your media mix and maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns. Even top brands like Coca-Cola and Nike take advantage of the creative displays that can be made from billboard advertising.



Billboards offer the great advantage of strategic placement with the ability to select a location that will have the most impact. Since they’re placed in densely-populated areas, billboards always reach a large and diverse audience. In addition, billboard space can be bought in locations that serve higher concentrations of your key demographics. Lastly, you can target potential customers
to go to your business with call-to-actions and directional content.

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