The 411 on DMAs

August 29, 2018Published By

DMAs, or Designated Market Areas, are 210 markets in the US defined by Nielsen Media Research and are categorized by geographic regions They are primarily used as television markets to see which regions receive the same TV, radio, and broadcast stations However, the information also serves beneficial to OOH media planning since DMA reports include figures on population, age, ethnicity, and household income for specific regions The OOH ad industry uses DMAs to target advertisements geographically and to compare OOH campaigns to other advertising forms With this geographic targeting, ads can be strategically-placed to reach high concentrations of the…

Street Furniture Advertising 101

August 27, 2018Published By

Street furniture advertising is one of the major categories of out-of-home media It involves ad displays that are featured mainly on public amenities and other freestanding units Street furniture advertising is a great method of advertising because of their eye-catching locations near city hubs, bus stations, airports, and so on Their visibility makes it easy to be seen by walkers and motorists alike With this, it’s possible to strategically place ads in areas that target and reach key portions of your audience (more…)

All About Car and Truck Wraps

August 20, 2018Published By

Car and truck wraps are a form of advertising that utilizes the exterior of the vehicles as a way to reach consumers They are not to be mistaken for mobile billboards which are a different form of vehicle-based advertising Car wraps are advertisements that go onto personal or company-owned cars, while truck wraps are advertisements that go onto freight trucks


How Is Out-of-Home Advertising Measured?

August 13, 2018Published By

When it comes to OOH advertising, it may not be clear as to how an ad’s performance is measured compared to other forms like the Internet With Internet advertising, it seems obvious how they’re measured through metrics like how many people clicked on a promoted link With this confusion, it’s common for people to ask, “How is OOH advertising measured?” (more…)

A Quick History of the Highway Beautification Act

August 6, 2018Published By

The billboard industry has a rich history of how it evolved to the modern-day Over the past several decades, the US government created various acts to limit the number of billboards and create size, lighting, and spacing regulations These aspects vary by state, so there are no federal billboard regulations (more…)

What is Phone Kiosk Advertising?

July 30, 2018Published By

Today, we’re going to be looking at phone kiosk advertising Phone kiosk advertising includes all the displays you see attached to the exterior of payphone enclosures There are options to use a classic poster style or digital backlit displays that brighten up the night Sizing of displays also varies as you can choose to cover one side of the kiosk or wrap around the entirety of the kiosk (more…)

What is Out-of-Home Advertising?

July 23, 2018Published By

When you come across the phrase “Out-of-Home advertising” it may cause some confusion and have you asking, “well, what is Out-of-Home advertising?” Truthfully, we all know what OOH advertising is and we probably see some form of it in our everyday lives Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising represents all media formats specifically intended to reach consumers from outside of the home (more…)

What Are Billboards Made Out Of?

July 18, 2018Published By

A question that people commonly ask us is what are billboards made out of? When it comes to the material most used to create traditional billboards, the answer is polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyethylene (PE) PVC has been the frontrunner in the billboard industry for decades In recent years, PE has been introduced as a recyclable alternative in the billboard industry No matter which option you choose, both are highly advantageous and serve as great materials to be used for the production of billboards Now, let’s take a closer look at each of the two and what they have to offer

What Are Mobile Billboards?

July 16, 2018Published By

Mobile billboards refer to moving billboard displays that are commonly found on the sides of specialized vehicles These vehicles are designed for marketing purposes; they offer flexibility and control for strategic execution This differs from truck side advertising which involves displays placed on trucks running designated routes for shipping purposes in city areas or on interstate highways With mobile billboards, you can design customized routes that capitalize on peak times and locations For instance, they can travel in areas that are dense with your target demographic or park in highly-populated areas like sports arenas, concert venues, and city centers…

Taxi Advertising

July 10, 2018Published By

With similar benefits to bus advertising, taxi advertising is an effective way, for big and small businesses alike, to promote their brand, services, or products Since taxis drive around in crowded cities, your advertisement will widen your audience reach and target diverse groups of people Not to mention, cabs drive in slow-moving traffic which gives ample time for city-goers to absorb your eye-level ad On top of that, cost-effectiveness is a huge perk to taxi advertising because of its low cost per impressions Below are some of the options taxi advertising has to offer!