Our Top Five Holiday Billboards

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With the holiday season well underway, companies have already unveiled their holiday campaigns. Holiday advertisements are everywhere you look this season. Take a look at our top 5 holiday billboards to get in the OOH Holiday spirit.



The Grinch is a classic Christmas character. This new movie has to work harder to set itself apart from the other version and get people excited to see the remake. These billboards have done just that. They are funny and relevant to each different city they are in. Because all of the billboards have a different joke, it creates excitement to see more! The billboards are also targeting an older demographic for an animated movie. This is smart because the parents taking kids to see the movie will also be excited to see the movie! Teens and adults without children are also targeted with the Grinch’s sense of humor.

Spotify takes a different direction with their holiday billboards. Instead of mentioning a specific holiday or even a winter theme at all, they have chosen bright colors with messages that will make you laugh and reminisce on 2018. These bright billboards will stand out against all of the red, green and winter-themed billboards. With references to popular songs, podcasts and pop culture from 2018, they are really targeting their desired consumer.

This Coca-Cola truck is not a traditional billboard, but a mobile billboard. The mobility of this truck allows Coca-Cola to strategically place their ads when and where it will impact the most consumers. With all of the bright lights and classic red, it is hard to miss. The truck is branded on all sides, so pedestrians will see the Coca-Cola logo from every direction.

KFC’s holiday billboard is simple, yet effective. With the huge, eye-catching red poster and witty message, KFC has created a striking advertisement. This billboard is eye-level and will draw in pedestrians as they walk by.

This billboard for Cranberry Sprite plays on traditional Christmas imagery. The main colors are red and green with the Sprite can even changed to red. Billboards with a play on words like this one are always memorable!

That’s a wrap on our top 5 holiday billboards! Check out BillboardsIn to get your seasonal billboard campaign started!