Mother’s Day Billboards

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Mother’s Day is one of the most special days of the year. It’s great to take the time to show love to the woman who brought you into this world, and a billboard is actually a pretty unique way of doing it.

For those living in North Dakota, there’s actually an incredible campaign going on right now where people can have a billboard of their mother posted for free. A software company named Lucit partnered with iDigital Media, Dakota Outdoor, and Gusaas Signs to make this special campaign come to life. To reiterate, this opportunity is only available in North Dakota cities, specifically Minot, Fargo, and Bismark/Mandan.

Let’s break down the ways that Mother’s Day billboards can be utilized, and how to properly design them for the best end product. 


Purchasing some billboard space to honor your mother is a bold and impactful gift for Mother’s Day. No longer will you need to fear being outdone by your siblings; this will put them in their place. Outside of paying respect to a mother, there are other reasons to consider posting a billboard around Mother’s Day.

For entrepreneurs who run flower shops, jewelry stores, and restaurants, for example, this is an ideal time to promote your business on a billboard. Make the messaging specific to Mother’s Day, and perhaps feature some sort of deal/discount. That will really drive traffic to your business.

General Design

A clear design vision is foundational to any successful billboard campaign. Take the time to sketch out some layout design and potential color choices. Soft pastel colors are a good choice for the overall look. In most examples that are found online, pink, red, purple, and yellow are used often. White backgrounds are very popular, but a black background can be pulled off as well, it’s just not traditional.

It’s ideal to go for bold, “loud” fonts. These are far easier to read quickly in a short amount of time (5-10 seconds) than a cursive font. While cursive fonts can be beautiful and fit the theme of Mother’s Day, you have to be careful to not overuse them. Naturally, eyes are not going to linger on a billboard that is filled with cursive. 

In the case of a Mother’s Day billboard, a lot of font isn’t necessary anyway. A nice picture and well wishes are enough to get the message across. To work on your own campaign, go to to get started.