Independence Day Billboards

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Independence Day is the quintessential American holiday. Characterized by grilling, fireworks, and spending quality time with family and friends, it was reported that in 2021 84% of Americans celebrated the 4th of July in some way.

While it may seem like this is just a reason to spend a day barbecuing and sitting by the pool, it’s also a great time to use a billboard or other forms of out of home advertising to promote your business.

Out of home advertising is a great way to show off your business any day of the year, and we’re here to show you why the 4th of July may be a particularly perfect time to purchase a billboard.

So why would you advertise your business for 4th of July?

Well, one reason is that holidays like Independence Day often boosts people’s willingness to spend money, especially when they are going to be entertaining friends and family. As a business, it’s a great time to promote your product or service that can assist in making their holiday as fun and convenient as possible. Putting your advertisement on a billboard is a great way to draw people in to encourage them to shop with you, especially when they were already planning on spending that money anyways!

What kinds of things could you include on your billboard?

Now that you’re thoroughly convinced to purchase a billboard for the 4th of July, let’s look at the kinds of things you could feature in your ad:

First of all, it’s valuable to remind potential customers of how relevant your product or service is to the 4th of July. Obvious examples include any food product (especially grill-able ones!), grocery stores, restaurants, and other food shops, events (like fireworks or community festivals), travel advertisements (over 48 million people travelled for Independence Day in 2019), and anything outdoors related.

But even if your business falls outside of the obvious examples, you can definitely tailor your business’s ad to fit the Independence Day theme. Heavily playing into the “American” theme is a clear point to start at. Lots of red, white, and blue incorporated throughout (perhaps even recoloring your logo to be temporarily reminiscent of the American flag) is a great choice. Themes of American pride, family, and freedom are all great things to include as well.

To sum it all up

The 4th of July is a great reason to use billboards and other methods of out of home advertising to bring in customers. Check out today to see what options might be right for your business!