Client Spotlight: Magneco-Metrel

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Since merging back in 1981, Magneco-Metrel has been an American owned and operated company in the industrial manufacturing industry, making the materials that go into the processing of aluminum, steel, glass, and cement, specializing specifically in ceramics. 

The original inventor of colloidal bonded silica, Magneco-Metrel uses proprietary technology—including their closed silica bonded ceramics—to help their customers save time and energy. 

Magneco-Metrel is largely focused on their signature product, the MetPump, which “promotes extraordinary properties such as superior hot strength and mechanical strength,” and “resist[s] thermal shock, creep, erosion, abrasion and chemical attack.”

“Our brand is largely based around our signature product, the MetPump,” Tali Berkowitz, executive administrative assistant, said. The MetPump 

“This is a niche service for a niche market, but still a sizeable market,” Tali Berkowitz, executive administrative assistant, said. 

Currently, Magneco-Metrel is hiring all positions. “We want hard working, principled people, willing and eager to form meaningful and fulfilling relationships with their coworkers, customers, and community,” Berkowitz said. “Aptitude and knowledge are a plus but come in second to the personal characteristics we are looking for.”

They do not currently have a link to an online job application, but can be found at their website, or on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, or via phone at 800-344-9041