Client Spotlight: Harrisonburg, VA Police Recruitment

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The Harrisonburg Police Department is currently recruiting for the position of Police Officer. 

Detective John Langhans, with the Harrisonburg Police Department’s Professional Standards Unit, along with Detective Susan Jewell and Sgt. Brooke Wetherell, coordinate the department’s hiring process, and are looking for “individuals who have a desire to serve and protect our community while upholding our Core Values of Integrity, Accountability, Honor, Leadership, and Diversity.”

Located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Harrisonburg houses approximately 50,000 residents and offers both urban and rural settings, with a vibrant downtown area and a few shopping destinations; it is also only minutes from hiking and biking destinations and national parks. 

“As an employee of the Harrisonburg Police Department, you will be provided with a comprehensive benefits package including health, dental, and vision insurance as well as enrollment in VRS which is the Virginia State Retirement System,” Langhans said. “You will be given 12 paid holidays per year in addition to earned paid time off.”

“As a patrol officer, you can expect to be scheduled to work 14 days a month, giving you ample time off to enjoy all the things Harrisonburg and the surrounding areas have to offer,” he continued. 

Langhans also laid out the Harrisonburg Police Department’s speciality positions, which officers can apply for after completing their probationary period of employment, including: Major Crimes Detective, Drug or Gang Detective, Bicycle Patrol Officer, Traffic Officer, K9 Handler, SWAT, Negotiator, Evidence Technician, Honor Guard, Civil Disturbance Unit, and others. 

“The Harrisonburg Police Department offers competitive pay with the ability to increase your salary through promotions or through our Career Development Program for those not wishing to become supervisors,” Langhans said. Upon being hired, the Harrisonburg Police Department will send recruits to the Central Shenandoah Criminal Justice Training Academy where the recruits will earn full salary and benefits while attending the Academy.”

Interested applicants can apply online here, and more information regarding the Harrisonburg Police Department can be found on their website