Billboards for Tech Companies

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It’s impossible to deny the massive influence and presence that tech companies have in the U.S. today. In 2017, 7.3 million people were employed in the tech industry in the United States, working for over 490,000 different technology-based companies. Apple, Microsoft, and Sony are some of the large examples of such companies, but thousands of smaller start-ups (such as goPuff, Olive, and Fetch Rewards) are gaining prominence in the market today.

But in such a highly saturated tech market, businesses may have trouble making their products and services stand out. One way to set themselves apart from others is by investing in out of home advertising.

Out-of-home advertising is a proven way to show off a variety of different types of businesses, and we’re here to show you why using a billboard to advertise your technology company may be the perfect choice.

Billboards are a strong way to show off the unique highlights of your product or service.

Many new tech products and services are all about the novelty factor, so tech businesses will likely want to show off their unique features in a creative and visual way. Presenting technology in a clear and simple way that the average person can understand while also maintaining excitement about the brand and product/service is a strong method of marketing.

Billboards are big and bold; they are hard-to-miss visual displays that catch peoples’ eyes. They offer an ideal canvas to efficiently and creatively present ideas to large amounts of people, which may be perfect for a tech company.

Billboards give your tech company a spotlight among a huge amount of competitors.

As mentioned before, there are a lot of players in the tech space today. A company’s online advertisement may get lost among the thousands of other ads swimming around the Web.

Billboards and other forms of out of home advertising can be a great way to differentiate yourself from everyone else. Ads like these are large and hard to miss, and they can’t really be ignored or “skipped” like many online ads can be!

Billboards are a proven way to effectively advertise your business at a great return on investment. 

Out of home advertising has a highly valuable return on investment. The Out of Home Advertising Association of America reported in 2017 that methods of out of home advertising (such as billboards, kiosks, and banners) produce close to $6 of revenue for every $1 spent. This 497% return on investment is higher than that of radio, digital, and print advertising.

The cost per thousand impressions (CPM) is also lower than many other methods of advertising. While the CPM for methods like television and newspaper advertising can be in the $30 range, OOH advertising stays around $2-10 for both digital and static formats alike.

In summary: 

Out of home advertising like billboards and posters is a great way to show off the unique features of your technology company. Check out today to see if out of home advertising is the right fit for your business!