Billboards for Museums

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The world is home to thousands of unique museums—and not just the typical art museum filled with old paintings and sculptures. Interactive science galleries, historical displays, and novel, quirky-themed museums (like the National Videogame Museum or the SPAM Museum)—plus so many more— populate cities around the world.

But with all the information swimming around about interesting things to do in a given city, how can you make your museum stand out? One way to do this is through an eye-catching visual billboard.

Out of home advertising is a proven way to effectively show off your business, and we’re here to show you why using a billboard to advertise a museum can be a perfect choice.

A billboard is a visual way to offer an eye-catching display that allows for lots of creativity.

Large, physical displays like billboards are hard to miss, and they offer space to show off images to grab people’s attention. And arguably, the visuals are some of the most important parts of a museum! Putting bold images and clear wording about exhibits and themes on a billboard is a great way to offer a snippet of what you’ll see inside.

Billboards for attractions (like museums) draw in wide audiences—both local and outside visitors alike.

When visiting a city, there is often a plethora of options of activities to do. Bars and restaurants, music venues, shopping areas, and other attractions flood a visitor’s internet search of “what to do in __ city?” If you want your attraction to stand out, a free-standing ad might be just the differentiator between you and the other options. Visitors to a city may prefer to just walk or drive around to see what options exist, so letting them know that your museum is nearby is a great way to draw them in.

This goes for residents of a city too; sometimes we don’t know about all of our options, even when we’ve been there for a while. And if someone is already used to doing the same old things in their city, they might not be actively looking for new things to do. By putting up a billboard that a resident will notice on their daily commute, near their place of work, or in a place they may think they already know, a business can remind them about exciting new options for fun!

Billboards are a proven way to gain customers at a great return-on-investment (ROI)

The Out of Home Advertising Association of America reported in 2017 that out of home advertising (including billboards, posters, and public transportation ads) produces $5.97 of revenue for every $1 spent. This means that businesses who utilize out of home advertising can experience a 497% return on investment—which is higher than returns from digital, radio, and print advertising.

And on top of all that, you can’t really ignore a billboard—you can’t just switch it off or “skip” it like you could a television or digital ad!

In short

Billboards and other methods of out of home advertising are great ways to draw in customers for museums. Take the first step in getting your message out there at today!