Billboards for Gen Z

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Comprising approximately 21% of the U.S. population and nearly half of the nation’s total spending, Gen Z is a driving economic force. Today, Gen Zers range from ages 11-26 and are only expected to grow in spending power as the generation matures. 

The unprecedented digital consumption of this generation has demonstrated a growing need for more creative and innovative ad campaigns.

Luckily, studies have shown Gen Zers prefer non-intrusive ads over online mobile or app pop-up advertisements. Billboards and other forms of outdoor signage are excellent methods for connecting with this target audience.

Here are some important factors to consider when advertising to Gen Z through OOH ads:


As the digital generation, Gen Z frequently travel to popular sites to build their social media platforms with interesting photos and status updates. This makes billboards and other forms of outdoor advertising an ideal way to reach a wide range of young people venturing outside of the home.

Taking the time to place your billboard near high-traffic tourist hubs and landmarks is crucial for appealing to this audience. 


When advertising to Gen Z, billboard location is just as important as billboard design. Outdoor advertisements can have an impact in the real world just as much as online. The more creative and appealing your design, the greater the likelihood of it appearing in an online photo or a social media post.

Personalized Storytelling & DEI

Studies have demonstrated Gen Zers prefer mission-driven ads that revolve around storytelling. Gen Z is the most diverse generation of Americans so far, with nearly 50% identifying as a racial and ethnic minority. Telling a story that demonstrates the values of your business or organization with an emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is far likelier to connect with a Gen Z audience.

Maintaining the younger generation’s attention while appealing to current trends doesn’t have to be intimidating. BillboardsIn is here to help you succeed in the Gen Z market.