Billboards and Local Pizzeria Advertising

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Local pizzeria advertising is easy when you know that you can use billboards and other out-of-home (OOH) advertising options. Billboards and OOH advertising allow you to target local customers and persuade them into stopping by your pizzeria for a bite to eat. However, creating a great pizzeria advertisement doesn’t come easily without knowing some of these tips. Let’s bite into some information you need to know before you begin local pizzeria advertising. 




Local Businesses

Some might think that only large brands are able to afford billboard and OOH advertising. That is actually not the case. In fact, 7 out of 10 OOH ads promote local businesses according to the OAAA. This number is important because that shows that these advertisements work. If they consistently work for other local businesses, why not buy a billboard for your local pizzeria? 



As a restaurant, it is very likely that there is some sort of promotion running in order to boost sales. Billboards and OOH advertisements are a fantastic way to put these promotions in front of the public eye. By displaying your sale near a busy road, you will have hungry commuters driving by all day interested in getting some pizza before heading home. Using phrases like “limited time” or “only while supplies last” creates a sense of urgency in the viewer and this urgency will create more customers.


Be Unique

New local businesses open up every day. This means your pizzeria will have new competitors on a consistent basis. In order to make your local pizzeria stand out, your advertisements need to be unique. Make sure the message is clear and concise. Use pictures or phrases that will turn heads and make the audience interested for more. If you have the correct budget and a great idea, you can even create out of the ordinary advertisements that will attract even more attention and even be shared on the internet at no cost to you. Here are some cool ideas for innovative OOH advertisements.

Now that you know how to dish out local pizzeria advertising, head to BillboardsIn to cook the perfect OOH ad campaign today.