A Guide to OOH Formats

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Purchasing an OOH (out-of-home) advertisement can be an overwhelming task; there are so many options to choose from—how do you know which one will be the best fit for your message? Consider this your starter pack: below are some of the most popular formats we offer, and we’re hitting the highlights of each one so you can pick the perfect ad for you.

Static vs. Digital
Before we get into specific formats, let’s talk about static versus digital options. Static means that your ad is a physical vinyl that gets posted to the board; your ad is the only one displayed. Digital ads are electronic—they typically run for around 8-15 seconds per cycle (depending on the ad format), and slots are typically shared with a few different advertisers. With digital ads, there’s no need to worry about production or installation costs—once we get your creative to the vendor, your ad can start running! Many of our ad options are available in both static and digital formats.

Traditional OOH formats (such as billboards and posters) typically run for four-week cycles—however, this is customizable! Talk to one of our representatives to determine what is available for your desired timeframe.

Without further ado, here are some of our most popular ad formats!

Bulletins (Billboards):
This is the format you likely think of when you picture an out of home advertisement—a billboard! These ads are big and bold, and are typically located in high traffic areas, like cities and highways. Bulletins are available in both static and digital formats.

These ads are similar to bulletins, just a bit smaller. They are also typically a bit lower to the ground, making it easier for city traffic to see. They are also usually less expensive than larger boards. Posters are available in both static and digital formats.

Junior Posters:
Just when you thought we were done with the different billboard sizes, along come junior posters! These are a bit smaller than regular posters, and they are also a bit closer to the ground—making them ideal for street traffic and pedestrians to see.

Wallscapes are like billboards, but more extreme—these massive ads are posted on the sides of buildings in populated city areas. These are some of the most noticeable OOH formats, and your ad will be clearly visible to drivers and pedestrians alike. Wallscapes are available in both static and digital formats.

Digital Billboard Trucks
This format is exactly like it sounds—giant digital screens on the side of a truck displaying your ad! Ads can be purchased for 8-hour cycles and can run for as little as one day. These trucks follow a route of your choice within a 20-mile radius. These ads can also display sound and video.

Urban Panels
Urban panels are freestanding kiosks located on sidewalks in urban areas, perfectly placed for pedestrians to see them. These ads have high visibility—their physical presence is impossible to ignore by passersby. Urban panels are available in both static and digital formats.

Transit Shelters
These ads are displayed on the sides of transit shelters at bus stations. Transit shelter ads are easily visible by bus patrons, as well as passersby. These ads also have a long impression time as well, as people typically spend several minutes waiting at these shelters. Transit shelters are available in both static and digital formats.

Bus Benches
Bus bench ads are placed directly on the back of the seats at bus stops, making them easily visible for those using the bus to see, as well as drivers and pedestrians passing. These ads are right in front of the viewers’ faces, making it easy for them to view phone numbers, website urls, and your business name.

Believe it or not, this isn’t the end of our advertising options; check out BillboardsIn.com today to check out even more of what’s possible for you!