Romantic Billboards

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Have you ever thought about using billboards to express affection for a loved one? Romantic billboards are a great way to show how much you adore someone, whether that be a significant other, a friend, or a family member. You can display billboards to celebrate Valentine’s day, anniversaries, or a proposal to show the world that you care.

Benefits of Romantic Billboards

Romantic billboards are not only a way to spotlight and show fondness for those special to you in your life, but they are also an ideal business opportunity. Consider putting up Valentine’s Day billboards as there is a high demand for consumers looking to find gifts and greetings for their loved ones. Approximately 52% of Americans plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2023 and they are expected to spend $25.9 billion on gifts, experiences, greeting cards, jewelry, and more.

If you own a business selling greeting cards, jewelry, flowers, or candy, you can display local billboards to point consumers directly to your products, services, and venues nearby.


Design Tips for Romantic Billboards

Use a High Quality Photo

For shouting out an anniversary, family member, or friend, choose a high resolution photo to showcase your ad. High quality photos are more appealing to the eye and it will give off a superior image.


Keep Messaging Short and Simple

With billboards, it is essential to use space wisely and not overdo it with text. When it comes to romantic billboards, the same rule applies. You do not have to write a long paragraph to express how much you appreciate someone on a billboard. Rather, keeping your text short and simple allows the reader to understand the message quickly and remember it, leaving a stronger impression. Some examples on what to add include “Happy nth Anniversary!” or “Be My Valentine.”


Include Graphics

Graphics can easily add a pop of color or added emphasis on a photo or text on your billboard. Additionally, graphics can replace a photo if you’d prefer to not use one. Simply including symbols such as a heart or engagement ring will show your appreciation in a straightforward and impactful manner. Graphics can also complement a photo if you want to highlight a significant other or a wedding anniversary photo.


Stick to a Color Palette

When choosing a palette for your romantic billboards choose colors that symbolize love, intimacy, and passion such as shades of red and pink. Alternatively, if you want to change things up from the traditional romantic colors for a wedding anniversary, you can choose blue and silver as they symbolize grace, sophistication, and elegance to honor your anniversary milestones.

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