Romantic Billboards

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The season of love is upon us, and as Valentine’s Day approaches, the pink, red and heart-shaped branding will be at a maximum. Utilizing the holiday to your advantage is a great way to draw the local hopeless romantics to your business, and secure new customers. BillboardsIn has chosen 5 effective and romantic outdoor ads that we’re simply in love with to help step up your game for Valentine’s Day advertising. 



This simple advertisement from Target is a great showcase of how less is sometimes more. While playing into the season of love with colors and heart motifs, there is still a lot of clarity in the words. It also is not directly advertising romance, but rather suggesting gifts for anyone in the consumer’s life whom they love. Being such a recognizable brand, they are also able to get away with not including their brand name, keeping it simple with the plain Target logo.


Netflix is one of the most prevalent streaming platforms across the globe, which means that they can be extremely creative with their out-of-home advertisement. This Valentine’s ad includes Netflix’s iconic logo, and makes reference to the Netflix original series You, in which the obsessive and stalker-y Joe Goldberg inserts himself into the lives of various young women. By making a joke and a reference to one of their popular series, Netflix uses Valentine’s Day ads to engage with those who know their content and intrigue those who do not. 

Valentine’s-themed offers and products (ProFlowers/Shari’s Berries)

This adverting campaign is unique because it is collaborative between to businesses. ProFlowers and Shari’s Berries recognized the powerful Valentine’s pairing of flowers and chocolate-covered strawberries, and made the effort to sell their products to romantic passersby. The split billboard allows potential consumers to get a glimpse of what they would purchase, but the simplicity of the collection title and business logos on the white background also makes it accessible and clear to read. 

Bakeries (Nadia Cakes)

Utilizing classic Valentine’s Day motifs is a great way to advertise your bakery. In this billboard advertisement for Nadia Cakes, they use classic colors such as reds, pinks, and purples to catch the attention of passersby. This, paired with delicious romantic desserts—like candy hearts, chocolate covered strawberries, and cupcakes adorned with roses—makes this OOH ad too sweet to pass up!

Marriage Proposals

OOH ads are a great way to proclaim ideas on a large scale. One of the most romantic ways to use advertising during the season of love is to create proposals or professions of affection to your partner. Simple, lovely messaging which draws focus to the big question is what makes an ad like this so effective. The roses and photo also ad a beautiful personal touch. Congratulations to Andressa and Felipe!

Advertising during the romantic season can be made simple; let BillboardsIn help your business reach romantics in your area today by creating lovely outdoor advertising campaigns and making OOH ads simple.