Great Billboard Ads

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At BillboardsIn, we always keep an eye out for great billboard ads. If you haven’t already, check out Five Memorable Billboards and The Best Billboard Ads to see some more of our favorites! From celebratory to clever, to over the top, we will explain why these are four great billboard ads.





The greatness of this billboard explains itself. On July 7th, 2019, the United States women’s national soccer team won their fourth overall World Cup championship and their second in a row. This accomplishment is another example of why the USWNT has been the most dominant team in women’s World Cup history. This accomplishment did not go unnoticed and Lamar Advertising wanted in on the action. By placing this celebratory billboard in Oklahoma City, Lamar reminds us of this historic accomplishment. 


This billboard shows us how clever marketing can go a long way. Burger King takes advantage of the placement of this billboard using the slogan “Always On Top” with a billboard that is literally on top of a McDonalds! Since McDonald’s does not own the billboard space, this ad will stay up for however long the campaign has been paid for. This guerilla marketing technique was good enough to be shared on social media by an audience which boosts the ad’s effectiveness at no charge to Burger King.


Tylenol goes the extra length to make sure this billboard gets your attention. By using the cannonball to appear as if it is going through the billboard, the viewers’ eyes are drawn to the billboard and they are curious to know what the message is. After investigating more, you see that the billboard is for Tylenol, and the cannonball is used to show what a headache or migraine feels like. By using extra props that make the billboard appear damaged, the audience is immediately drawn to this billboard as it does not look like the rest. This technique is a great way to get your billboard to stand out in an area that may be flooded with billboards and other advertisements. 


Have you ever considered putting mother nature on your marketing team? Well, McDonald’s did with this ice cream billboard in Sweden. Sweden is notoriously cold and in the winter months, even more so. McDonald’s took advantage of the snowfall and decided to advertise their ice cream using snow to fill up the cone. This clever trick caught the attention of the media and was shared all around the world, further broadening the reach of the billboard ad.

If any of these great billboard ads sparked your interest, you can head over to BillboardsIn to begin your own billboard ad campaign today!