Gearing Up for Holiday Advertising

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Halloween is just around the corner, and the holiday season is finally upon us, opening the doors to one of the busiest times of the year. Holiday marketing can sometimes be overwhelming to an average consumer, but the key to making your brand stand out over the others is creating a design that connects with people in a positive way. 

From amazing deals to key color combinations, BillboardsIn is going to share three ways that OOH and outdoor advertisers can find success during holiday season advertising. 

Sooner rather than later

Many people begin holiday shopping in the months leading up to the day itself, so getting ahead of the curve by putting out advertisements in October or early November can aid in reaching these early shoppers. Over 20% of shoppers in 2022 finished holiday shopping by October 31st, so getting ahead of these shoppers and Black Friday deals can help boost your product or business to a different batch of potential customers. Not only this, but it may be more beneficial for making your advertisement stick out in the holiday ad realm, as it will beat the oversaturation that happens closer to the holidays. 

Make customers an offer

A great way to catch the attention of customers clambering to find deals and gifts is to advertise with a deal, sale, or other offer that makes your advertisement difficult to ignore. Consumers are careful about spending, especially around the holidays. These offers will also give you an edge against competitors who are advertising for similar products or services during the holiday season, putting you at the forefront of customer’s minds as they search for the best deals. 

High-traffic areas

Putting your out-of-home advertisement in an area where it will have a high number of impressions is a good idea year round, but the holiday season and holiday shopping is a great opportunity to drive traffic straight to your business or product. If you’ve got a store, putting an ad in a high traffic area nearby may be a good idea — or if you’re advertising a product, select a location near a store where customers would be able to purchase. By putting your ad in the back of their minds while they’re already nearby will help them to remember your ad as they enter these stores or areas. 

If you are looking to advertise with an outdoor ad this holiday season, check out BillboardsIn to help with finding, purchasing, creating, and more!