Client Spotlight: CAFI

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In 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson passed the Economic Opportunity Act, which sought to fight against poverty across the nation by putting in place systems to aid impoverished and low-income communities. In doing so, thousands of Community Action Agencies (CAAs) were created nationwide. 

One such CAA is CAFI, or Community Action for Improvement, Inc.. Established in 1966, CAFI has been serving Georgia residents over the past six decades, including the communities of Carrollton, Coweta, Heard, Meriwether and Troup counties. Their mission is to help create communities in which residents can support themselves and their neighbors, ultimately reducing the negative impact of being low-income by providing invaluable services and resources to these communities.

As Georgia’s rainy season continues to ramp up, CAFI is committed to advertising their Weatherization Assistance Program, which is available for local eligible applicants and seeks to offer energy-efficient upgrades, household repairs, and more to reduce costs and create more sustainable communities in the counties they serve while still prioritizing resident health and safety. These services include “weatherstripping, insulation, air leakage reduction, LED light bulb installation and more.”

This is not CAFI’s first out-of-home advertising campaign, nor will it be their last, as they continue to aid the counties that they assist and make life better for low-income families and residents across the state of Georgia. 

To apply for the Weatherization Assistance Program, contact CAFI via phone at (706) 844-2651 or email at Residents must be eligible to apply and applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 

More information about Community Action for Improvement, Inc. can be found on their website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. To sign up for their electronic newsletter, click here.