Billboards for Dry Cleaners

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Whether you are just starting a dry cleaner company or a veteran in the industry, it’s not always easy to know how to market a cleaning business. How should you advertise? How much should you spend? If you are looking to advertise your dry cleaning services to a wider audience and gain more clients, read on to learn how billboard advertising can help you achieve this goal. 

Dry cleaners serve their local community and offer dry cleaning, laundry, and alternations services. They meet the needs of customers who must have clean and neatly-pressed clothes on a tight schedule or need them for work or a formal event. The demand for dry cleaning services is tied to the local area consumer income and typically sees higher growth in areas with a growing population. The need for dry cleaning isn’t slowing down anytime soon as the global dry-cleaning and laundry services market size is expected to value approximately 79 billion by 2027 and estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.4% during this forecast period.

Why You Should Use Billboards for Your Dry Cleaner Business

Utilizing billboards for your dry cleaning business will help you stand out from the competition. Since dry cleaners are common in locations with high populations, it will be difficult to capture the market. However, by placing billboards strategically in high traffic areas, you can attract new customers and establish your brand presence to thousands of people in the local area. 

What to Include in Your Billboard

Attention Grabbing Ads

When you are making dry cleaning billboards ads, pair a high quality image with a catch ad title. Additionally, include a call to action at the end to encourage commuters to try out your cleaning services.

Simple Design

For the design of you advertisements, make sure to add the most important information in an easy to understand way. Include the business name and phone number, and your website if you have created one. Moreover, include a high quality image of smiling customers to communicate a professional and welcoming business presence to viewers.

Offer Discounts

Customers are always looking for a great deal on their next purchase. By offering discounts on promotional events and holidays you can draw in a new customer base who can potentially become returning customers.

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