Billboards for Artists

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Art is a medium that brings people together all over the world. With so many unique artists worldwide, it can be difficult to set yourself apart. Turning to out-of-home advertising can help you rise up among the competition and bring a wider audience to your artworks.

Billboard advertising can increase sales and revenue for your art business as 68% of billboard viewers frequently or make shopping decisions in the car. Additionally, it leads to future purchases as 32% of billboard viewers, instead of going that day, visited the retailer within the week. This article will introduce tips and techniques on creating the best billboards to advertise your artwork to consumers.


Your artwork should be the main selling point of any billboard you design, so the message on your billboard should be clear and concise statement. A shorter message also helps draw less attention to the text and more to the design to showcase your art.

Keep Copy Short

When in doubt, make sure to keep your copy short as possible. Using simple words that are easy to comprehend and that can make a punchy delivery will make a lasting impression on your readers. 

Large Font

Smaller fonts will not be able to deliver your message in an easy-to-read fashion, especially for consumers who are passing by billboards quickly. To ensure your viewers can digest your message at a quick glance, use large fonts and stay away from italics.

Color Readability

High color contrast is necessary for good readability. For example, black, white, and primary colors like red, yellow, and blue offer great color contrast options. Black text on yellow is one of the highest for readability. Avoid the color brown and earthy tones as they are lower for color contrast.

Single Art Piece

Choose one large image of your artwork to garner attention to viewers for your billboard. Having multiple images of your artwork on a billboard will not be nearly as effective and it makes your message more difficult for your audience to comprehend.

Call to Action

Do you have a compelling call to action? Does the audience have enough information to respond to your ad? Whether you are announcing your art at a gallery or using a billboard to complement your digital marketing outreach having a strong call to action can help convert consumers and develop an interest in your art brand.

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