Billboards and College Advertising

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Colleges and universities are amping up enrollment and increasing their reach with outdoor college advertising! There are more ways than ever to impact potential students. Drive website views and interactions by increasing brand awareness with outdoor advertising. Whether your target audience is future students, parents, alumni or even potential employees, billboards will help you succeed! Today, we are taking a closer look at how college advertising is so beneficial to schools of all sizes!

Creative Design

College advertising is the time to be creative with your billboards. You want your billboard to stand out and relate to your target audience. Billboards advertising colleges tend to have similar designs. If you can break out of that box and send a unique message, you will stand out among the other schools. Potential students are your main audience, but often times their parents also play a big role in deciding on a future school. A clear message with a creative visual will peak both the student and their parent’s attention.

Drive Website Views

A younger demographic is the target audience for college advertising. Potential students can learn the most about universities from their websites and a message on a billboard can only contain so many words. The key to a successful billboard campaign is to grab the consumers interest quickly so they can continue finding information online about your college. According to OAAA, adding OOH to other campaign advertising increases mobile 316% and social media 212%. By adding billboards to your marketing campaign, you will see a huge spike in online interactions!

Billboards Work for Colleges and Universities!

Colleges and universities of every size see a significant gain in enrollment and increases in community awareness after implementing outdoor college advertising. We see just how beneficial college advertising is from Coastline Community College in Orange County, California. By implementing outdoor advertising around the city, they saw 8.9% growth from the same time last year.

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