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Local Advertising Strategies for Pediatric Dentists

Ready to create an unforgettable look with local advertising for pediatric dentists? Outdoor advertisements – such as bus, kiosk, taxi, and train ads – are an effective and rewarding investment for spreading the word about pediatric dentists. Outdoor ads are often associated with major brands, but in actuality, they can be a powerful tool for local businesses and services. For example, seven out of ten outdoor ads are purchased by local businesses.

Many people find digital ads frustrating due to their obtrusive nature. While local outdoor ads are often large and noticeable, they are not considered to be annoying to the majority of ad viewers. That's one of the reasons why outdoor advertising is so effective – companies don't want to use ad displays that get under potential customers skin.

If you are already utilizing other advertising formats, purchasing and adding local pediatric dental advertising to your marketing mix is an easy way to extend your current reach. You can even direct people to your website. 58% of all consumers have gone online as a direct result of seeing an outdoor ad. Also, 57% of people who engage with an out-of-home advertiser on their phone are new or lapsed customers. Are you interested in buying local advertising for pediatric dentists? Let BillboardsIn help align the perfect outdoor ad for you today.

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