Local Advertising for Congressional Campaigns

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Local Advertising Strategies for Congressional Campaigns

Are you considering local advertising for congressional campaigns? There is a lot to choose from, including billboard, bus, train, taxi, and kiosk ads. No matter your selections, outdoor advertising is a smart and worthwhile investment for both congressional campaigns of all sizes. Outfit a billboard with an eye-catching image and a powerful message and viewers will recall it at the polls. In fact, An OAAA study states that 71% of billboard viewers remember the ads they see and 56% talk about a funny billboard they saw.

Local outdoor advertisements cannot be ad-blocked, turned off, or skipped. As advertising technology has advanced, so has the technology to skip it. DVRs allow people to bypass commercials. Ad Blockers can be installed on web browsers. With local outdoor ads, this isn't an issue. Viewers of all types will clearly see your message 24/7 and will remember the advertisement when it's time to cast their vote.

No matter your current marketing mix, consider adding local congressional campaign advertising to help extend your audience reach.. You can even direct people to your official website.. 58% of all consumers have gone online as a direct result of seeing an outdoor ad. Ready to buy local advertising for congressional campaigns? Let BillboardsIn help you bring in a new era with a perfect outdoor ad

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