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Local Advertising Strategies for Bars

Looking to share your bar's beverages and experience using local advertising for bars? The are many choices at hand, but look no further than out-of-home advertising formats. Whether you decide to use poster, taxi, bus, train, or kiosk ads, each format can be the perfect fit for your local bar. You don't need to be a large brand to advertise outdoors. 7 out of 10 outdoor ads promote local businesses. Your bar will be right at home on a roadside ad.

Despite the improvements of technology, digital ads can be avoided. There are a myriad of ways to skip, fast-forward, or block digital ads. However, local outdoor advertisements cannot be skipped or ignored and are the gold standard for unobtrusive advertising. Local out-of-home advertising engages consumers. 70% of consumers say out-of-home advertising is very, or somewhat likely, to influence a purchase.

Spread the word of your bars great bartenders and extensive beverage menu by including local advertising for bars. Adding out of home advertising alongside your digital ads and social programs can only increase your potential customer list. Customers spend over 70% of their time outside of the house, and location-based billboards can help fill every seat at your bar. Ready to buy local advertising for your bar? Contact BillboardsIn to create the perfect ad for your bar today.

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