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Billboard Advertising Rates for Accountants

Decorating highways and roads with billboards for accountants is a great way to attract new customers! Potential clients driving by your poster every day will begin to associate you with a great place to have their taxes or other financial needs taken care of. Outdoor advertising is a phenomenal marketing accountants. Billboard advertising makes your services stand out. Having your name and location on a giant bulletin will draw new clients to your office.

You can also place billboards for accountants all over town. Placing a bulletin near a crowded intersection or other high volume areas will result in gigantic reach. Technology can even provide detailed demographic information, such as gender, income and even age for a very high number of billboard spots, allowing billboards for accountants to be placed in just the right location.

Large (Bulletin)

Bulletins $1,500-$5,000 Average per Month
  • Great for building brand and name recognition.
  • Located in heavy traffic areas for maximum exposure.
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Medium (Poster)

Medium Posters $700-$3,000 Average per Month
  • Perfect for new product launches, promotions and events.
  • Available across markets in the areas most effective at reaching your target customer.
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Small (Poster)

Small Posters $300-$800 Average per Month
  • Cost effective for small businesses and for short term advertisements.
  • Ideal for targeting communities and neighborhoods.
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Digital Billboard

Digital Billboards $2,500-$8,000 Average per Month
  • Extremely bright and eye-catching. Shows multiple ads, increasing availability of ad space.
  • No production cost, and campaigns can be launched more quickly than static billboards.
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Buying Billboard Ads for Accountants

Purchasing accountant billboards doesn’t have to break the bank. Not only are billboards budget-friendly, but they also fit perfectly into your existing accountant marketing campaign! Believe it or not, billboards are generally less expensive than all other advertising formats. Ready to buy billboards for accountants? Let BillboardsIn help you calculate the perfect design for your billboard ad today.


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