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Local Advertising in Turlock, California

Turlock, home of the Stanislaus County Fair, is full of opportunities for outdoor advertising. Founded in 1871, Turlock boasts Monte Vista Crossings and Turlock Shopping Center as great locations for your next campaign. Place a blockbuster billboard near Regal Turlock Stadium 14 to make an impact. Or, leverage commuter traffic with an attention-grabbing billboard near the busy Route 99 to effectively reach over 70,000 residents in Turlock in addition to Californians from Modesto. BillboardsIn can help you build your best campaign yet by providing a selection of top-tier transit, street furniture and billboard advertising options to choose from.   Click the ad format below to learn more. Or, get started by browsing BillboardsIn's extensive database of out-of-home advertising options to kick off your campaign in Turlock.

Turlock, California Local Advertising Costs

Estimated price per location per month

Bulletin (Larger Billboard)$3,50048'W X 14'H
Digital Bulletin (Digital Billboard)$2,50048'W X 14'H
Poster (Medium Billboard)$1,50022'8"W X 10'5"H
Junior Poster (Small Billboard)$80011'W X 5'H

On average, local advertising in Turlock, California costs $600-$4,522

Bulletins (Large)
Why Use Bulletin Ads?
Bulletins are great for building brand and name recognition. They are located in heavy traffic areas for more exposure.
Posters (Medium)
Why Use Poster Ads?
Posters are perfect for events and promotions. They're often on local roads to reach specific potential customers.
Jr. Posters (Small)
Why Use Jr. Poster Ads?
Jr. posters are cost effective for small businesses and for short-term ads. They're ideal for reaching into neighborhoods.
Digital Billboards
Why Use Digital Billboards?
Digital Billboards are eye-catching. They have no printing cost, and can be launched more quickly.
Turlock California local advertising

Local Ads Available in Turlock

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