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Ready to see all the billboard ad options in the 86505 ZIP code of Ganado, Arizona and launch a billboard campaign online? If you are considering local advertising in Ganado’s 86505 ZIP code, it can help to understand the demographics of the area. Approximately 7,831 people live in the 86505 ZIP code, and they are divided amongst about 7,068 households. By understanding more about these people, you will be better prepared to buy a billboard ad online in Ganado’s 86505 ZIP code. The average size of a household in ZIP code number 86505 is 3.43 people, while the median home value is $51,727. ZIP code number 86505’s population is expected to grow by 2.7%. The ethnic diversity of the area is approximately: 12.6% white people, 0.5% black people, and 0.8% Asian people. 1.5% of the residents in Dresden’s 86505 ZIP code are of Hispanic ethnicity. In terms of the male/female ratio, there is one female for every 0.9 males in the area. According to data from The U.S. Census, the 86505 ZIP code of Ganado, Arizona has 1 renter for every 2.65 homeowner(s). The average household income in the area is $42,020 while the median household earns $31,505 of income. This area has a high school graduation rate of 59%. 51% of students that pursued a college education after high school dropped out. 19% of the students that completed college went on to earn a master's, professional, or doctorate degree. Beyond education, the Census breaks Ganado’s workers into three categories: 58% work in white-collar roles, 27% work in blue-collar jobs, and 15% are employed in the service industry.

86505 Local Advertising Costs

Estimated price per location per month

Bulletin (Larger Billboard)$3,50048'W X 14'H
Digital Bulletin (Digital Billboard)$2,50048'W X 14'H
Poster (Medium Billboard)$1,50022'8"W X 10'5"H
Junior Poster (Small Billboard)$80011'W X 5'H

On average, local advertising in 86505 ZIP Code costs $600-$3,603

Bulletins (Large)
Why Use Bulletin Ads?
Bulletins are great for building brand and name recognition. They are located in heavy traffic areas for more exposure.
Posters (Medium)
Why Use Poster Ads?
Posters are perfect for events and promotions. They're often on local roads to reach specific potential customers.
Jr. Posters (Small)
Why Use Jr. Poster Ads?
Jr. posters are cost effective for small businesses and for short-term ads. They're ideal for reaching into neighborhoods.
Digital Billboards
Why Use Digital Billboards?
Digital Billboards are eye-catching. They have no printing cost, and can be launched more quickly.
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