Bus Stops 6′ x 4′

How To Design 6′ x 4′ Bus Stop

Use the guide below to help you design the perfect 6′ x 4′ Bus Stop.

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Art Specifications: 6′ x 4′ Bus Stop

6' x 4' Bus Stop

File Format Specifications

Image files should be saved in CMYK color mode, sized at 180 pixels per inch (PPI), and 68.5” high x 47.5“ wide. Keep all VITAL copy within 2″ on all sides. The file formats acceptable for upload are JPG or PNG.

Download a Template

If the above was confusing, don’t worry! We understand that not everyone has experience creating and saving images on a computer. Click here to download a template image file that meets all of our requirements and displays guidelines for bleeds.

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