60′ x 20′

How To Design a 60 x 20 Billboard Ad

If you’ve chosen to advertise on a 60 x 20 foot display it is clear that you are committed to making a statement. A billboard of this size is considerably larger than a conventional bulletin, and will be primed to make a sizeable impact. When creating a design for a board this size it will be important to utilize available space accordingly. Designs should use images and fonts that will be received well from a distance, and while there is ample square footage, overcrowding should still be avoided. A 60 x 20 ad can be as exciting as it is large, so take your time and craft a quality design that will catch consumer’s attentions.

Art Specifications: 60 x 20 Billboard

60 x 20 Billboard

What is a “Bleed?”

The “bleed,” represented by the purple border in the image above, is the part of your image that extends beyond the billboard’s viewable area. The bleed is a margin of extra space should be included in your artwork, but which will not be visible once your ad goes up.

Make Sure Your Artwork Has the Correct Bleed

Your image file should have .3” of bleed on each side, represented by the purple border within the image above. You do not want to leave this area blank. A best practice is to extend any graphics or background colors all the way through the bleed area and up to the to the edge, even though the portion of the graphics in the bleed area will not be visible when your ad goes up. This ensures that there is no “dead space” around the border of your ad, and that no important parts of your advertising message are accidentally hidden along the billboard’s edges.

File Format Specifications

Image files should be scaled so that a one half inch in the image equals one foot on your printed billboard. Your file size should be 30.6” x 10.6”, accounting for the bleed, and should be sized at 300 pixels per inch (PPI) for hiqh quality printing. The file formats acceptable for upload are JPG or PNG. All colors should be CMYK and all layers should be flattened.

Download a Template

If the above was confusing, don’t worry! We understand that not everyone has experience creating and saving images on a computer. Click here to download a template image file that meets all of our requirements and displays guidelines for bleeds.

Ready to Upload Your Artwork?

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