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Advertising Categories

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Permanent bulletins are considered traditional out of home media. They tend to be on major surface streets and highways. An advertiser can use them to make a big impact. Junior posters are located mainly in urban neighborhoods and on secondary arterials. They are viewed by both automobile traffic and pedestrians and can be either printed/static or digitally displayed.

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Transit Advertising on


Transit advertising keeps up with people "on the move" - generally in/on moving vehicles (i.e. buses, cabs, trucks) or in airports or other transportation terminals. It can reach a mass audience with message frequency delivered to pedestrians, riders and vehicle traffic. Displays can range from card sized in buses/trains to static backlit on taxi tops to 40 foot truck-side "billboards" to large digital displays in airports.

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Digital Screens

Digital place-based screens are growing in popularity due to the engaging digital images - some with "full sound and motion" - as well as "targeting" they can deliver. They can be found at gas stations, in waiting rooms, the gym, airplanes and elevators - and generally deliver a "captive" audience for several seconds to several minutes to see your message!

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Street Furniture Advertisement on

Street Furniture

Although not a commonly recognizable term, these ads are generally placed on structures that serve the public - such as bus shelters & benches, information kiosks and newsstands. It also includes advertising found in malls and shopping centers. They deliver messages to pedestrians and shoppers but can also be curbside to reach vehicle passengers.

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Alternative Advertising on

Alternative Advertising

This is an exciting and ever growing area of creative ideas and strategies. It includes ads on coffee cups or pizza boxes, at beaches, on gas pump toppers, parking stripes and even dry cleaning bags! Some of these forms - like aerial ads - can be seen by tens of thousands of people at once, while others are personally used/carried by people as they go about their day. The key is matching your target audience to a medium that is used or seen by them.

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Smart Phone Advertising on

Smart Phone Advertising

There are BILLIONS of cell phones used in the world today meaning this is one of the fastest growing forms of advertising because it also keeps up with today’s mobile consumer. This can include message or even coupon delivery through simple QR Codes, Wi Fi hotspots or Near Field Communications (smartphones touching or being close to NFC devices) in malls, airports, coffee shops!

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