Billboards to the 10…the 5…Touchdown!

shocker-billboardFootball fans your waiting time is almost over as football season is fast approaching! All over the country people are gathering their jerseys and tailgating gear, their brats, their burgers and their grills for the thrill of cheering on their Alma mater. There is nothing quite like waking up on a cool football Saturday to the smell of burgers and hot dogs on the grill knowing that in a few short hours you will be cheering on your team until your voice is gone. Being in Columbus, we here could not be more excited to get into Ohio Stadium and cheer on our buckeyes.Big4

You may also notice an increase in exposure to 2013-2014 schedules, new players and new coaches due to strategically placed out-of-home advertisements. These billboards are usually around campuses and surrounding cities to try and promote the upcoming season. Advertisements like these provide two key functions every football team needs: money and crazy fans. Billboards effectively advertise to drive ticket sales and support from community members. They also can invoke the “crazy” in even the most timid of fans.

2012-miami-billboard-american-airlines-arenaSome billboards use the tactic of drawing a laugh, some like to show strength or speed, and some prefer to call out other teams to get rivalries stirred back up. No matter the tactic, we all love a good football game and there is nothing that will fill your heart with more school pride than a giant billboard with your team on it.



How Colleges Use Billboards to Attract Students

Kent StateIf you think about it, how many colleges can you name that have used creative advertising to stick themselves inside of your head? I can think of a few catchy jingles and memorable commercials that are still popping up in my head such as ITT Tech with their well-known story-based commercials or the inspiring success stories in The University of Phoenix commercials. It’s weird to think about right?

The truth is that colleges, much like any business, are looking for students to facilitate and there is no better or more efficient way of reaching a large audience than out-of-home advertising and billboards. Here we offered you a wide variety of different billboards displaying colleges’ slogans, mascots, promises, and offerings. They range from career-focused facts to their sports teams and anything else that draws your eye to their school. Most come with a simple message and usually their website information so you will want to look on the web when you get home.cambridge_small

You may have not realized that colleges have been using billboards almost as long as businesses, but I bet next time you pass a billboard bearing fresh-faced college students or a green camps lawn surrounded by dorm buildings you will begin to realize just how much billboards are being utilized.



5 Effective Ways to Use Billboards

Ductape Billboard - Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words1: A picture is worth a thousand words

This creative billboard explains exactly what the product does, how well it does it, and captures the attention of those passing it. Better yet, this billboard does all of this without saying a single word. A creative memorable image, like this one above, will leave a lasting impression on customers next time they buy heavy-duty tape.

BMW Checkmate

2: Utilize your surroundings

This is a very unique and memorable billboard for one simple reason. BMW has used the adjacent Audi outdoor advertisement to draw attention to its own billboard. This stroke of marketing genius, or bravado, will have travelers remembering the powerful BMW billboard instead of the Audi billboard. Using your billboards surroundings is a powerful tool, which allows you to explore outside-of-the-box thinking.


3: There is a delicate balance between clever and too clever

Displaying a clever out-of-home advertisement will out perform a regular billboard any day of the week. However, there is an optimal amount of cleverness that will leave your audience pleasantly amused and not idly confused. This billboard is perfectly balanced with a memorable yet funny takeaway message.Silberman's Fitness Cneter

Guinness4: Leave people with a feeling, not a message

Those who are of legal age will not have a problem identifying this billboard. The reason for this is not because of the fill-in-the-blank message; in fact, the message is not the focus of the billboard at all. The recognizable dark, rich color of Guinness with its classic creamy head is what the eye is drawn too. This is a great billboard because it looks like what you would have on your kitchen table inside your own home, making you want to run to your local grocery store and repeat it later.

Car Crash



5: Be distracting, but just enough to get your point across

If you were to pass this billboard on the highway what would you think? Maybe that the billboard looks terrible or that billboard looks scary? That is exactly why this is an effective billboard. It draws the eye to the carnage where the two cars meet but just long enough to make you realize the message and check your distance to the car in front of you.










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“On-a-Home” Advertising: A Game Changer for Out-of-Home Advertising

In the fast-paced business world we live in, people are always looking for two things: the best bang for their buck and innovation. These driving principles of thought are implemented in many ways across all types of business, from commodities to consumer goods, including billboard advertising. Daniela Walker discovered and wrote a piece on about a Belgian artist named Karl Phillips, inspired by the “consumerist” society we live, has created an art project which has a very different impact that its original intent. What was an attempt to address the lack of space for humans in the ever growing consumer-mentality of our world is in fact going to change the way people look at out-of-home advertising.

Billboards on TrailersThe project, named The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, is made up of compact living quarters made in a pyramid shape capable of being hitched on the back of a trailer. The brilliant twist is the sides of the pyramid are covered in large advertisements, creating an apartment-advertisement that can basically pay for your rent. This idea can change the mobile advertising industry. Imagine travelers who have always wanted an RV to see the whole country who can now, in a sense, have a smaller profit generating RV.

The best business is one that makes you money while you sleep. This art project has created an easy means to do that. Billboard and advertising companies can take advantage of this idea to extend their reach to more customers in a more cost effective manner than traditional billboards or mobile advertising on trucks.

Out-of-Home 101

Highway Billboard (OOH)What is Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertising?

Out-of-home advertising is growing because it meets the consumer demand for “easy to use” messaging that is delivered where they are spending more time – away from home! Forms of OOH advertising include billboards that line your commute to work, digital screens in offices/fitness centers/stores etc., transit advertising on buses and at bus stops, and the signage in airportsmalls, and sports stadiums. These advertising spaces are available almost everywhere and with high volumes of traffic.

Why do OOH Advertising?

One of the benefits of out-of-home advertising is that it can’t be turned off! With today’s creative advertising formats, you can reach your target audience on the way to work at the gas station, the coffee shop on break, the gym at lunch and the movie theater in the evening. Out of home can deliver a lasting message by being in the right place at the right time with your target audience. Always on – when and where your audience is – it can’t get much better than that, or can it…

In comparison to television, print, and online advertising; out of home media is one of the most cost effective formats. Billboard prices and outdoor advertising rates are extremely reasonable considering it’s efficiency and ability to deliver the audience you’re trying to reach.

How to advertise Out-of-Home?

The out-of-home industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, but with many different companies operating in many different locations, it makes finding pricing or information on billboards or other formats extremely tedious. makes it easy to find billboardtransitstreet furnituredigital screenalternative or smart phone advertising opportunities that interest you. Request a quote through and we’ll connect you with the companies that can give you competitive quotes.

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