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BillboardsIn.com was launched in 2012 as a forum to educate and service the novice out-of-home (OOH) buyers and connect them with media providers who can offer competitive quotes. Out-of-Home advertising has the eyes and interest of millions, yet finding billboards and other OOH advertising space can be a nightmare. It shouldn’t take a day’s worth of work to find advertising vendors and obtain information from them.

With BillboardsIn.com, the day’s worth of work is no longer needed. In minutes, you can learn what OOH has to offer and then submit campaign information and relax as media vendors compete for your business with competitive quotes.

It is our hope that BillboardsIn.com can provide you with an excellent customer experience, and that through our service, you can discover the benefits and variety of OOH advertising while saving time and money!

Ben Wallace - President

@BenWallaceOSU Twitter Ben Wallace on LinkedIn

Ben is a graduate from The Ohio State University with a bachelor's degree in biological sciences and a minor in business. While in undergrad, Ben founded Webbed Interactive, a successful website design company that had a core competency of designing and developing optimized websites for small and medium size businesses. He also worked as a marketing manager for an OOH advertising database beginning in 2009. While at the OOH company, he developed a plan to make advertising in out-of-home categories easier for local business owners and advertising agencies. In 2012, BillboardsIn.com was founded - making OOH advertising easier by connecting buyers with competitive quotes from vendors.

Nick Damko - VP of Operations

Nick is a young entrepreneur who has taken a liking to business operations. Nick was introduced to Adfiki and OOH advertising while interning at the Columbus, OH based venture capital firm, NCT Ventures. Outside of his business ventures, Nick is also a proud Eagle Scout. Using the many skills he gained while earning his Eagle Scout and his ambitions of entrepreneurship, he took on the task of handling the day-to-day operations of Adfiki in October, 2013.

Jim Kilgore - VP of Marketing

With over 25 years in the marketing arena, Jim brings expertise in strategy, marketing and analytics to the Adfiki team. Jim’s role is to shape strategy, improve business effectiveness and establish marketing metrics – all to make Adfiki a better partner for our clients. Jim has worked with a wide range of companies and industries, from a private research think tank to a Fortune 100 financial services enterprise, with experiences in higher education, publishing, and retail energy marketing in between. He is comfortable collaborating in the boardroom or brainstorming at the coffee shop with start ups.

In his spare time, Jim enjoys playing the electric guitar (loudly), dining out at great local restaurants with his family, and cycling the backroads of central Ohio.